Thorough Care Corporation Ltd

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Our Aims

To offer a warm, compassionate and tailored residential care service, as part of the community.

Our Aims

The aim of our service is to offer warm, compassionate and tailored residential care, as part of the community. We are achieving this by:

  • Providing a flexible service, personalised to the needs and demands of all our clients when possible.
  • Maximising the independence of the client when possible, encouraging the retention and development of daily life-skills but with the assistance available as required according to their needs.
  • Recognising and supporting the development of all our staff to ensure our staff are at maximum satisfaction, in return, ensuring staff are achieving company standards of compassionate and high quality care.
  • Providing a warm and welcoming service in office and at client homes, ensuring a secure and safe environment for both staff and the client.

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Our Services

Our domiciliary care services are based around each individual person that we support, making it possible for them to receive medical care from the comfort of their home, or if they require some assistance in continuing through their daily lives.

Below are some services we provide, however if you do not see the service you are looking for, please get in contact with us, as we can tailor the care to your needs.

  • Assistance with bodily function
  • Assistance with daily activities
  • Advice & supervision
  • Emotional Support
  • Respite Care
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